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Kendrick Lamar

Look inside the eyes of the last Mohicans survived,You won’t last a weekend outside,Seen a pastor tweaking, then sunk his teeth in a rock his demise, Later on that evening you heard the grieving of angels that cried, See a demon don’t compromise.

my weirdness


The entrance to my mind is covered in black goo, the main door leads you to my inner most disturbing thoughts, once you go in there is no going back, I hope you enjoy the ride. ❤

104th Trainees Squad Pt.2 | Pt.1 — Shingeki no Kyojin ep.4

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Lupe Fiasco

I’m begging me don’t let me go, we vow like the letter “O”, to never go our separate ways and spin-off into separate shows, tired of all the wardrobe changin’, playing all these extra roles, filled with all these different spirits, livin’ off these separate souls.


Rosie Jones - Ketchup ‘USA’ Photoshoot August 2012 - Part II

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